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Scenic Roads for Motorcycle Riders

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Skyline Drive:

Skyline and I-287

The Skyline Drive is a 23 mile ride through north Jersey’s wooded area. It’s a winding mountain road that proves to be great fun for Jersey riders.

Route 97 NY:

Port Jervis to Hancock

Route 97 follows the Delaware River for 70 miles into New York State. The winding scenic bi-way has great views from the Hawk’s Nest overlook onto the Delaware River Valley. If you like beautiful views of mountains and rivers this ride has been a favorite for many years. The road traces back to the late 1800’s. Continue past the overlook to the Roebling's Delaware Aqueduct. This is America’s oldest wire suspension bridge designed by the same man who designed the Brooklyn Bridge in 1847.

US Route 206:

Morris to Sussex County

Route 206 follows up to north Jersey, where it passes through beautiful farm land. Some stops along the way are Skylands Park and the Chatterbox. The Chatterbox is drive-in burger joint that hosts car and bike shows throughout the summer.

Route 519:

Phillipsburg to High Point

The Route begins in Phillipsburg, NJ, which is about 20 miles from Allentown, PA. Pick up Route 519 North in Phillipsburg, NJ, just off Route 22. Stay on Route 519 from Phillipsburg to Newton to Colesville. At Colesville, you need to get on Route 23 and take it North (left) into High Point. You'll know you've reached the highlands when you see the view of the Water Gap in Harmony Twp. Most of this ride is on Rt. 519; only the last 5 miles are on Route 23.


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State Route 92:

Tunkhannock to West Pittston

Route 92 is a sweeping 22 mile road along a beautiful stream bed.

US Route 6:

Irvine to Clarks Summit

Otherwise known as the Grand Army of the Republic Highway; Route 6 is a 240 mile scenic road through north Pennsylvania country. The road goes through mountains, farms and Pine Creek. The PA Grand Canyon is located right off the road along with great 1930’s restaurants and stores. You can also pass by the famous Kinzua Trestle Bridge which was the world’s tallest railroad bridge.

US Route 30:

Lincoln Highway

Route 30 is an 82 mile scenic four lane road through winding country and farmland. A great stop on the way is the historic Gettysburg Battle Field of the Civil War.

US Route 15:

Williamsport to Marysville

US 15 is an 82 mile ride along the Susquehanna River. There is even a ferry along the way that will take you to Millersburg where great restaurants can be found.

State Route 381:

Laughlintown to Brandonville, West Virginia

Route 381 is a 55 mile twisty road through south west Pennsylvania. The northern half is full of horse farms; as you go south you will pass through Ohio Pyle State Park. One of the great stops along this route is Falling Waters. Famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed a house over the edge of a waterfall in the 1930’s and the house is still one of the greatest marvels in American architecture.

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US Route 6:

Cleveland to Sandusky

Route 6 is a 57 mile scenic ride along Lake Erie. Sandusky is the home of Ohio Bike Week and Cedar Point Amusement Park.

State Route 424:

Napolean to Defiance

Route 424 is a scenic 15 mile ride along the Maumee River in North West Ohio. One great stop along the way is Independence Dam.

US Route 23:

Chillicothe to Greenup, KY

Route 23 is a 65 mile ride near the Ohio River in Southern Ohio. Along the route is a town named Lucasville which still has an old American drive-in theater. There are BBQ and burger joints along the route which lead to motorcycle graveyard.

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State Route 2:

Huntington to Millwood

Route 2 is a scenic 56 mile road that follows along the Ohio River. There is an abundance of wildlife that can be seen all along the river. The road is constantly ridden by bikers throughout the summer months.

State Route 7:

New Martinsville to Corinth

Route 7 is a 106 mile twisty ride in Northern West Virginia. Along the route is a World War II airplane staring right down on you.

State Route 41:

Persinger to Beckley

Route 41 is a 65 mile long ride through mountain and stream scenery. The route passes through many parks and wildlife abundance. Some points of interest along the route are Babcock State Park and Grandview State park. Off the route is Greenbrier, where the Greenbrier Hotel is located. Underneath the hotel was a secretive bunker for the US government in the threat of a nuclear attack during the Cold War.

State Route 55:

Elkins to Strasburg, VA

Route 55 proves to be an enjoyable 119 mile ride thought mountainous West Virginia. Along the route are many scenic vistas that overlook the mountain scenery. Light traffic makes the road very easy to navigate.

State Route 9:

Paw Paw to Leesburg, VA

Route 9 is an 88 mile road that curves through beautiful mountain scenery. Along the way is the Panorama Overlook that overlooks the valley. Great views of the Shenandoah River Valley can be seen along the route.


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State Route 51:

Cumberland to Paw Paw, WV

Route 51 is a 26 mile long road that follows and active rail yard. The four lane road becomes two lanes throughout the mountains of Maryland with views of the Potomac River.

State Route 17:

Smithburg to Brunswick

Route 17 is a farm country twisting 29 mile long road through northern Maryland. The road passes by Burkittsville, the home of the Blair Witch.

State Route 16:

Denton to Taylors Island

Route 16 is a 46 mile relaxing country road that passes through beautiful farmland. Taylors Island is right on the Chesapeake Bay and has great views of the water.


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State Route 9:

New Castle to Dover Air Force Base

Route 9 is a 54 mile ride along Eastern Delaware. Along the ride is farmland and a wildlife refuge. Just be careful of the low flying military aircraft although it is a sight to behold.


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US Route 12:

National Lakeshore

Route 12 is a 15 mile two lane road that runs right through the Indian dunes National Lakeshore. Along Lake Michigan there are beaches to stop at and historic homes. Franklin Park has a lighthouse, pier and even a zoo.


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Highway 120 to 49, 20 to Highway 101

Death Valley to Yosemite, Sonora, Napa over the Golden Gate Bridge to Big Sur:

If you are planning on taking your bike out to California, here is a route I think you will like. The scenery is beautiful and there are many sights to see along the way. Death Valley - This ride is different and hot (watch out for the sand storms). Take Rt. 190 to 395. It is a beautiful ride on Rt. 120 to Yosemite National Park. From there, you can take Rt. 120 to Rt. 49 to Sonora. There are a lot of twisty roads and it is a beautiful ride. From Sonora to Ukiah, take Rt. 49 to Rt. 20. Then from Ukiah, take RT. 101 to Rt. 128 to Calistoga. In Calistoga, you can enjoy mud baths and natural hot steam water. Napa Valley is a very great ride around wine country. Take Rt. 29 to Rt. 121 out of Napa Valley to Rt. 101. Going over the Golden Gate Bridge is a must do! Take Rt. 37. Pick up Rt. 1 to go down the Big Sur. It's a ride you'll never forget!


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Route 70:

Denver to Durango

Start in Denver. For a great ride, take Rt. 70 to Loveland Pass to Rt. 91 to Leadville to Rt. 82 to Aspen. Take Rt. 82 to Rt. 133 through Gunnison National Park to Montrose. Go North to Rt. 141 (Make sure you gas up first. There is nothing for miles.) The scenery is just beautiful. Catch Rt. 145 to Telluride Special Town. Call Dave's Mountain Tours (970) 723-9749; it's a great ride on dirt trails through the mountains. Return on Rt. 145 to Rt. 62 to Ridgeway (Rt. 50) to Ouray to Silverton then to Durango on Rt. 550.


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Route 1:

Miami to Key West

Miami to Key West is great. Take Rt. 1 all the way and have fun. Water, water, everywhere!


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US Route 129

The Deal’s Gap “The Dragon’s Tail”

One of the most famous motorcycle roads in the United States is the Deal’s Gap. This road boasts 318 turns in 11 miles of road. The road may just be the most winding road in the country. Though the road is a popular attraction for thousands of riders it is strongly suggested that EXPERIENCED RIDERS ONLY tackle this course. The “Tree of Shame” is a shrine to those who have been bitten by the dragon. The Deal’s Gap motorcycle resort is a popular place for motorists to stay. As an insurance company we can only emphasize that no one other than experienced riders should even attempt this road!


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Route 160:

4 Corners to Zion

Start at the 4 corners (where UT, CO, AZ, NM meet). It is a great experience. Take Rt. 160 to Kayenta, UT. Then take Rt. 163 through Monument Valley. It is beautiful experience. Backtrack on Rt. 163 to Lake Powell, by way of Rt. 160 to Rt. 89. The view is just incredible! From there take Rt. 89 to 67 to Grand Canyon North Rim. Make sure you call ahead for a room; they fill up quickly. The views are amazing. Backtrack on Rt. 89 to Bryce Canyon National Park via Rt. 12. Bryce looks like castles below you. Take Rt. 12 from Bryce to Zion. Take Rt. 89 to Rt. 9. Riding into Zion, you'll see spectacular scenery. Drink plenty of water; trust me it helps with the high dry temperature.


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Route 100:

Massachusetts to Canada

Take Rt. 100 from Massachusetts Line to Canada - great Vermont scenery and roads.